Tips In Washing Your Car

How old is your car? Some cars are just three years old yet look saggy some are ten but still groovy. Big deal right? It really is. Just when you think of selling it, the buyer gets disinterested because of corrosions, really in dilemma. Here are some tips before getting it listed in a cars classifieds or before having it sold in a car auction.

To remove the nicotine and clean the surface underneath you can use a designated upholstery cleaning product on the headlining, seating and carpets and a plastic/trim cleaner on the hard surfaces, or you can use a diluted all purpose cleaner on all surfaces which is very effective at cutting through and lifting off the nicotine.

When you are in a hurry but still need a good job done on your car wash, make sure that you still spend enough time washing your windshield, even if you have to skimp on some of the other areas of your car. It is most important that you have a clean windshield because you will depend on this piece of auto glass the most as you are driving. Use a microfiber towel and a specialized auto glass cleaner to clean your auto glass, taking care to read the ingredients on any product you use. You should never use ammonia-based cleaners on your auto glass, as ammonia erodes your window tint and can reduce the integrity of the rubber seals around your windows as well. Plan some extra time to make sure your windshield is cleaned properly. You may have to use more than one cleaner to get stubborn streaks off your windshield, particularly if you have not cleaned it in a while.

Repainting your vehicle completely can cost you an arm and a leg, especially if the old color has already faded into a dreary, dirty gray. Your paint job can still be restored up to a point, but you have to begin taking care of it from the first day it rolls out of the showroom.

If you are used to parking your car in sunny, open spaces, you should think about putting it somewhere shadier in order to save your vehicle from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Even with regular polishing and waxing, damage will still eat away at the paint. To provide further protection for your vehicle, put on a car cover if you leave it parked outdoors.